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Can I give less than £25 a month to Compassion UK’s work?

We’re committed to providing children with the very best care and the resources they need to break free from every aspect of poverty. It costs us £25 a month for

How does sponsorship help a child’s family or community?

When you sponsor a child, you lift a burden from an entire family. Parents are released from financial pressure as one of their children is guaranteed an education, nutritious meals

Why should I choose Compassion UK to sponsor a child?

We have 66 years of experience in empowering children to overcome poverty. Our world-class child sponsorship programme is the only one proven to work by independent research.
You may also be

How do you select which children and communities to work with?

We work exclusively with local churches to make sure we find and help the poorest children in a community.
The great thing about our church partnership model is that our project

What is the benefit of sponsorship to me?

When you sponsor a child with Compassion, you’ll have the joy of knowing you’re making a tangible difference to one of the world’s most vulnerable children.
We understand that answering God’s

How long will I be sponsoring for?

The length of time you’ll be sponsoring depends on the age of the child you choose to support and empower to break free from poverty. Most sponsors decide to support

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